Jan 5, 2011

525,600 minutes in a year
goodbye 2010 and hello 2011
we made the most of the final few hundred
minutes of 2010 with a Palfrey/Hopkins party!! 
We played 6 minute to win it games in 120 minutes. the final 10 minutes of 2010 were spent watching seacrest and dick clark drop the ball. Then the next twenty minutes consisted of much noise making, pan clanging, pot banging, merry making, toasting, kissing and other such razzle dazzle!!!!!
 we hope to continue to enjoy as many minutes of this coming year as we can.
  worry less and live more


Nikki and Ray said...

I wish I was in your family! You always are having so dang much fun!

mena said...

heygirl you are welcome in our family anytime. love you!! why dont we meet up for a little lunch date and catch up in person. let me know what works for you.