Dec 17, 2010

serious talent
bridger had his annual orchestra concert the other night. he is in the advanced class and just kicks some serious butt on the viola.
 it was a crazy day of running errands and regans work christmas party so i forgot my camera... BUMMER!! hate when i do that. oh well, at least i got one of him when we got home.
the orchestra played the following pieces
*journey of the magi
*christmas carol suite
and my favorite
*wizards in winter
wow!!! they did a  fantastic job. i was in awe....for real
and in other news
he tried out for fiddler on the roof and made the part of  fyedka
congrats bridger on getting the part that you wanted
you deserve every good thing that comes your way
your good looking
very smart
well liked
and oober talented

1 comment:

Nikki and Ray said...

What an awesomely talented young man! Good job!