Nov 30, 2010

a very happy turkey day............
i love thanksgiving.
i love that is is just a chill holiday spent with family
eating and playing and relaxing.
we had thanksgiving this year at my moms
and boy do we know how to put on a feast 
we always make WAY too much food.
oh well, that just means more leftovers and
who can complain with thanksgiving leftovers?
i am the pie maker in my family
i made
punkin,nana cream,coconut cream and choc.
all from scratch.
i also made a yam apple casserole that i learned how to make while living with regans grandma palfreyman's.
i am grateful for my family, good  friends, life and good music
i am also learning to love cute lil nephew that is serving a mission in virginia wrote a letter saying that he is learning to love opposition and it really hit me hard. so i too will be following his example of learning to love opposition and learn to love whereever i am good or bad.
i am thankful for more than this
this is just the short list :)
hope your thanksgiving was as good as ours.

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