Nov 12, 2010

dinner conversation
i love to cook dinner and have the whole family sit down and eat together.
at our house we go around the table and tell something good that happened on that day
i love this time day and i love that we are finally slowing down enough to REALLY listen to each other
and to reconnect.
most of the time we are pretty well behaved......(yeah right, who am i kidding) 
 but the other night this was how the conversation went
journey: "ugh, mckray got his spit germs all over that."
bridger: "well, you have butt germs in your mouth juju."
mckray chimes in and says well, i farted on your potato bridger."
hows that for classy??


Chalan said...

Hey at least your table looks classy!! your kids are so cute- fun looking at your blog, i've been bad lately:) Looks like you've been having fun. Love the pics! you're becoming quite the photographer!:)

Nikki and Ray said...

Haha, sounds oh so to familiar! Crazy kids, ya gotta love em'!