Nov 5, 2010

sometimes when a girl goes off to college she is sooo happy to be on her own
sometimes she really misses home
sometimes she is having the time of her life
sometimes she's not
sometimes she loves boys
sometimes she hates them
sometimes she's getting along with all her roommates
sometimes she's not
sometimes she wants to be the life of the party
sometimes she just wants to be alone
sometimes she wants to forgive everyone
sometimes she doesn't want to  forgive anyone
sometimes everything is going right
sometimes everything is crashing down on her
sometimes a MOM knows these things about her daughter
sometimes she doesn't
sometimes a girl just needs her best friend and mom to drive to school and take her for a shake
and let her vent
sometimes she has to do things on her own without her milkshake to make it better
sometimes she wants to share almost everything with me
sometimes she doesn't want to share anything with  me
sometimes im o.k with her not sharing stuff with me
sometimes that makes me sad
sometimes i say the right thing
sometimes i don't
when she needs me i will ALWAYS be here for her
i am proud of who she is becoming
i am proud of where she is going
and proud of the great choices that she is making.....on her own.
I am so thankful that she is mine and that i am lucky enough to be a part of her fantastic life.
i am one lucky momma.
i love you aubrey........ ALWAYS!!!

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tina said...

You are the best mom! And I love your blog lately! It's so poetic. I might have to try copying your style. Maybe I will be interested in blogging again. Love ya!