Oct 8, 2010

not only was it clash day at the jr. high
but also lots of clashing going on at our house
you know parent vs. teenager
you know that age old battle
i remember doing the same thing with my mom 
 i was MUCH, MUCH worse
than my teenagers have ever been 
he is a great kid (most of the time)
and we are great parents (most of the time)
but sometimes during these lovely teen years
we are
just gonna clash!
him not liking rules and regulation
us not liking the attitude.... oh the attitude.......
im sure we will both survive
on a brighter note
he is away competing with
100+ other schools
at the Shakespearean festival
midsummer night's dream
he plays the part of demetrius
he is a great and very talented kid
he sent me a really nice text when he arrived
made my day
dang teenagers
one minute you are just over the top frustrated with them
and then the next minute
they are melting your heart
at least there are moments of him melting my heart...right?

1 comment:

Gubba said...

How was I totally unaware that Bridger wore that to shcool, must have beed a work day. Well said on the teenager stuff. You are awesome!!!!