Jun 24, 2010

goblin valley

we set up camp at this lovely spot

then the gnats from hell showed up!!!

the only way we could get any relief was to put wet paper towels on our faces
we look like we belong to the KKK

we tried the outlaw look
i like this look a lot better
thumbs down to camping with gnats

as night approached the nasty gnats
decided to go where ever gnats go at night
thank you gnats
we enjoyed this breath taking view till the sun went down

the next morning we headed over to play in goblin valley
it was hot-hot-hot
the kids loved playing and climbing all over everything

after hiking in goblin we went in search of muddy river
never found it
so we went on another hike

after hiking and dinner this is when the trip took a scary turn.
long story made short...kinda
Aubrey had an allergic reaction to something...we don't know to what
the allergic reaction turned into not being able to breathe very well
which turned into a full blown panic attack.
we were in the middle of NOWHERE
8 people and a dog and a crying lil sister that was worried about her big sister
climbed into out car and drove 45 min to and hour to the nearest hospital.
the blessing worked because about 20 min into the drive her breathing was about under control
we thought it would be safer to stay in green river in a hotel.
finally found a hotel...the meanest owner EVER!!! makes you wonder why all the other hotels were booked solid and he had tons of rooms available.
finally settle into a room with 8 people and a dog!!
breathing is under control....everyone drifts off to sleep
we get a lil rest and wake up to......................DOG DIARRHEA all over the kids blankets
REALLY????? how can this be???
oh yeah ,yesterday i gave her some left over eggs from breakfast and thought she would be fine since she would be outside....we NEVER give her people food.
so i clean up the diarrhea while gagging/crying/laughing all at the same time.

had to throw away camping blankets cause i just didn't have it in me to clean them up too
i apologize to whomever got out room after us
she has NEVER done this before
kinda makes you wonder what goes on in hotel rooms before you get in it...yuck!
anyway,after our continental breakfast with the owner...yeah he watched the kids eat their breakfast and questioned them on why they didn't finish their toast or drink all of the juice or why they left crumbs on the table. boy that was pleasant!
next thing to do is head back to goblin valley to get our stuff and come back to green river and stay in a KOA camp. not our first choice but aubreys lil escapade the night before scared the shit out of us...pardon the cuss
reg and i were pretty bummed out because we had lots of cool hikes planned. he and i will have to come back ALONE..no kids and no DOG with diarrhea

we finally found water!!!

the master griller
grillin some steaks on the volcano

well i really wanted to eat at the chow hound
i thought the name was awesome...the food was really, really good
how could it not with a name like the chow hound.

last stop: the john wesley powell river museum
very cool place
go to both the chow hound and the museum if you are ever in green river
however, do not go to the ramada
mean owner and dog diarrhea room
just sayin

this trip at times felt like a trip from hell.
it had a lot of highs and lows
we are thankful that aubrey is OK.
i was really really grateful to get home
the dog threw up the whole ride home!!!


Nikki and Ray said...

Oh Mena I was laughing til I cried! I love you! Glad Aubs is okay Holy crap what a trip! Hahaha the dog! Hahaha! You make me happy do you know that!

wild bri said...

If you would have come to Moab it all would have worked out great! Glad everyone is all right. I know a few people who have had allergic reactions to gnat bites. Green River is an interesting place to say the least. The JWP Museum is a great place