Jun 14, 2010

i love this freckle face strawberry blonde lil girl
she had her yearly dance recital and did so well.
grandma and grandpa palfreyman
grandma and grandpa preston
came to show support.
thank you for coming

aubs painting juju's nails orange so they will match her outfit.
juju is always thinking of how she can accessorise an outfit...cute lil chicka.


Chalan said...

cute costumes! Juju looks so cute. Way to go Journey! Also wow, 2 cats! That is a softy- what a nice mom:) What happened to your old cat? Didn't Journey get one a yr or so ago? Looks like you're having a fun summer:)

Jess and Afton said...

I wish I could have seen JUJU dance, I love those concerts! That costume is way cool, bet she loved it, the performing that is lol. Now you have kitties too!! They will wiggle their way into your life.. no need to resist. I miss your family soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and can not WAIT to come play during Neil's Farewell... which I need to call you about that... Love you tell the fam HI!