Jun 11, 2010

freakin softy
the lil's came home the other day beggin for a kitty.
the neighbors were giving them away
i said YES
as soon as i said yes juju burst into tears of pure jubilation
she wanted one soooo bad
mckray wanted one too but wasn't as vocal.
not sure why i said yes to taking 2 CATS...that's right you heard me 2 Cats...what was i thinking?
i don't love cats
but i am a sucker for cute lil cats that look like this
don't they look like bobcat kittens?
and i like for the kids to have something to take care of and be responsible for
welcome to the family
lucy and missy
(lucy on the left and missy on the right)
yep the lil's named them
aub and i wanted to name them maude and blanche
aub ask if we could get a pygmy goat
see why i need to live on a farm

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