Oct 2, 2009

is such a quaint little town
it was our favorite place that we visited.

We went on a hike and float tour.
Hiking through Skagway was like being in a magical and enchanted world.
Moss and mushrooms galore
I was obsessed with the mushrooms.

Rubber boots and life jackets?
good look
don't ya think?

Eating high mountain cranberries
seeing bear tracks
lots of bear poop

seeing 4 grizzly bears.
I was so excited
and I wasn't scared at all
we were in a raft at the time
much better than meeting one on the trail
Am I right?
It was amazing to sit and watch them catch fish after fish from the shore.
great fisherman those grizzlies.

Sailing through Endicott arm fjord.
We woke up early to see this.
What a sight to wake up to.
Later this same day we saw
lots of
killer whales
pilot whales
Can you see why this was our favorite day?

One more stop.....


Frank Daybell said...

Reagan and Mena,
I have live done of my dreams to visit Alaska. Angie and I are going to have to go soon. Great pictures of the land. Thanks for sharing, it may be as close to Alaska as I ever get.

PS Great music selection, I love John Denver and his music. I still can agree with his views though or his round glasses.

Frank Daybell said...

Suppose to say you have lived one of my dreams to visit Alaska. This is why I never comment!!

wild bri said...

Looks like you guys had a great time in the Big Land. Those are big bears. When I worked up there, the bears used to swim out to our canoes as we were floating by. They never tipped us over though. I think I would still rather meet one on the river than on the trail. Thats great the whole family got to go.

gina @ The Tickle Pink Thrift said...

wow! I love the pics of the mushrooms and the BEARS. holy crap!

ps LOVE the Halloween pics! u go granny!