Sep 30, 2009

the capital of Alaska?
an oldie but a goodie, I couldn't resist.
After being on the rocky ship we were all happy to be on steady ground again.
We spent the day at Mendenhall Glacier, hiking and doing a little shopping.

Looking for bears at the glacier.

Everyone could make the trip except for Travis and Karla
they just had a baby...we missed you both.

Bentley, Andre', where Travis should be, Regan, Caleb, Chalan

Hiking up by the glacier. It was so green and lush.

Stopped for a picture by A.J falls

Juneau was really neat
my only complaint is that we didn't have enough time here.....
we had a boat to catch.
MORE PICS to come!!


craig and jill said...

How lucky you two are to go and see the breathtaking areas in Alaska. The pics are amazing. I am so glad you had such a fab time.

Emilee said...

I loved Juneau. It was definately too short.