Oct 8, 2009


Our next stop was Victoria British Columbia.
As we got off the ship we were welcomed by greeters in old Victorian clothing.

Butchart Gardens
are over one hundred years old and occupy over 55 acres of land.
Having a bit of fun, eh!

The Japanese Garden was our favorite part.


In downtown Victoria we came across the fiddling Darth Vader. Super cool and well worth tossing him a buck or two.
Caleb happened to be wearing his "Empire Strikes back" shirt,
Darth Vader was quite impressed.
Here is another interesting Canadian,
"Plaster Man".
If you put a little change in his bucket he would change positions, scaring the unsuspecting passerbyers.
Very Cool

getting a tight squeeze from the master of plaster.

We went into the Parliament building and sat in on a session.
It got quite heated between the two parties, too bad we didn't know what the issue was but it was still fun to see the same rhetoric goes on up north.

Our final destination

Stanley park had totem poles which were presented from many of
the different Indian tribes of the area.
This park was awesome, right in downtown Vancouver,
it has over 30 miles of walking trails.

Behind Mena is one of the wealthy areas of Vancouver,
we were told Oprah owns a home over on the hill.
Good for Oprah.

If you are ever in the area,
stop in at Tony's and get the fish and chips,
don't forget the clam chowder,
best chowda we have ever eatin'

After this we headed for the airport happy but exhausted from a fun filled vacation.

Thanks again Mom and Dad.
Happy 50th anniversary!!!!!

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Nikki and Ray said...

Wow what an adventure! Fun places you have been too, love all the pics. Beautiful places!