Mar 14, 2008



wild murdocks said...

Good times!

wild bri said...

Looks like fun. Is that Prestons' cabin? I was looking at all the Prestons links on your blog and I don't even recognize some of them, it has been too long. Now that we are a little closer maybe we will make it to one of the Farrer Family Fun Fests so I can get to know them again.

I noticed the "Buck" link on your blog, thanks, it made me laugh. While we were in the Canada Craig Childs was telling the rest of the group about growing up in Springville, and the High Country Hellions,and all of us singing "Proud to be an American" at Shauns farewell. I am so glad tht nobody took video of that or we would never live it down. For now I can deny that it ever happened unless video evidence ever shows up!