Mar 4, 2008

Spending Time With My Favorite Uncle Bob

Journey loves her Uncle Bob. I think the reason is because he is just as silly and crazy as she is. Uncle Bob always takes the time to play with her and tickle her and her favorite thing to dance with her. It is so funny because when JuJu( her nickname) was little she was soooo scared of Uncle Bob and would not go anywhere near him but I guess his persistance has paid off. We were watching T.V last week together and a commercial came on for hair restoration and JuJu looked at me very serious and said mom we really need to tell Uncle Bob about this place they can help him get his hair back. I died laughing and called him right away, we all got a major kick out of that. Thanks for being a great Uncle and thanks for taking so much abuse about your hair.

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Nicole said...

I love your blog. This is the first time I have looked at it. Got it from April's. Our blog is It is fun to catch up even though we live close.