Sep 27, 2010

this weekend was all about my momma
we ate all her favorite foods
sloppy joes, hoe cakes and soppin' chocolate, tomatoes and egg gravy and skillet cake
we made butter
and had a watermelon bust
we watched one of her favorite movies
"return to me"
we had all her favorite candies from her childhood
cow tails, orange slices, circus peanuts, butterscotch pieces, mary janes and  horehound sticks
she had to answer questions from the "getting to know you jar"
questions like: when was your first kiss?
did you get good grades?
favorite birthday memory?
we learned lots!!!
we played games like
if you love me baby smile
the oink game
butt darts
workin' on the farm relay
all of us shared special memories of her
this was a really touching part of the weekend
its not something we do enough and frankly, it was long over due... love you momma
we all worked hard to make you feel our love
hope your 70th birthday will be one you remember forever
you are loved
thanks to my brother and sister for helping pull off a fantastic birthday weekend

turn the tunes on the sidebar off
so you can enjoy the video


Shaun and April said...

My favorite memory of Jewel is her bringing us BUCKETS of bubblegum ice cream! I thought she was the Ice Cream Goddess! Happy Birthday Jewels!

Nikki and Ray said...

That was beautiful! You have such a great family, and your mom is amazing! Love you!