Sep 8, 2010

these two brothers are very different in personality and
 in their  likes and dislikes
bridger is
 very intellectual and artsy
he is a deep thinker
he has always ask lots of questions
that i rarely have an answer for
he enjoys reading
and has a passion for all music
he plays the viola, piano and guitar
he has stepped into the role of "oldest" rather nicely since aubrey is now away at college
he is really good to help mckray with his reading
because lets face it
i can't do it all
im thankful for his help with cooking ( he is a really great cook)
 and helping with the lils
mckray is
a lover of life
he loves sports and was able to hit a golf ball at a very young age
he likes to be outside
all the time
rain or shine
he quickly does whatever you ask him to do
he loves legos
he is super good at math
he usually always has a good attitude
he struggles with reading due to his hearing loss
it is very challenging for him
he can't hear blends like
th,sh, s or z's
he is a hard worker
it makes my heart melt when i walk into his room and see these two
brothers that are 4 years apart
reading together
playing together
they are each others best friends
and that makes this mom
very happy


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