Jul 3, 2010

i love being an aunt

i happily watched my niece and nephew while their parents
enjoyed a night out for their anniversary
we dug out all the disney classics and watched them over and over again
ate snacks
played with the new kittens
got to play with kiya's imaginary friends budda and badda....not sure on the spelling lol
got to hear stories about brigham shooting arrows out of his belly button at the bad guys
these two have the greatest imaginations EV-A
brigham said that he wanted to wear glasses just like mckray does...so stinkin cute
i loved listening to the giggles coming from the bedroom
when they really should have been asleep
love spending this time with brigham and kiya
love sleepovers

1 comment:

Chalan said...

You are such a cute aunt- looks like they had fun!:)