Apr 27, 2010


aubrey played peppermint patty in the musical "your a good man charlie brown."
the entire cast worked hard and put on a fantastic play.
i am always amazed at how good these kids are and how i wished i would have not tried to be "SO COOL" in high school and really went after the things that i really wanted to do ( i was a real block head tee hee ). i am a proud momma and think that my kids are some of the RAD-est peeps i know and for the record peppermint patty was my favorite.


Nikki and Ray said...

How awesome! I hope my boys get into theater cause I love it...Lucky!

Jess and Afton said...

Oh my cuteness!! I am so bummed that I missed it cause it looks like it was so much fun to watch! Aub is totally killer as peppermint patty!!! LOVE LOVE

Chalan said...

Good job Aubrey!! Sorry I missed it!