Apr 29, 2010

Field Trip
what i learned:
1. that i really, really want to live on a small farm and have chickens, goats, pigs, cows and have a huge garden and lots of fruit trees.
2. that journey really could have cared less that i was even on this field trip. she just wanted to be with her friends and didn't even notice i was there. all my other kids LOVED to have me come and wanted to sit by me and eat lunch with me.....not this lil firecracker.
(yeah it broke my heart just a lil)
3. i saw my good friend julie, she talked to the kids about cows.
julie is someone who i really like and admire. she just seems to have the important things in life figured out. she is down to earth, kind and sweet. i am kinda mad at myself for not telling her how cool i think she is.
i want to get better at letting my friends know what they mean to me.
if you haven't told someone how cool you think they are and that you admire them
i would suggest doing it today!!!!!


Nikki and Ray said...

I think you are COOL and I admire you! I wanna live on a farm too, but I don't think I could eat the animals after they have been my pets lol! Love, love, love this song too!

Chalan said...

Looks like fun- even though Juju was into her friends-:) you're still a great mom for going!!