Mar 25, 2010

hit the
while thift shopping .
i'm so excited to pull up my sleeves and dive into painting and staining all of these lovely treasures.
stay tuned for the finished projects.

i love to play board games
i love to find vintage games just a lil more
.75 a piece

look at this beauty!!!!
5 bucks people
she will look even more beautiful when i am done with her.

love- love- love
this lamp

so stoked for this one
not sure if i am going to use it as a headboard or pull it apart and hang it on the wall.
she will for sure get a good paint job.
OH the possibilities!!!
I am a very happy girl :)


Tahsha said...

you are awesome! I would love to see pictures when you're done with them.

Doggie B said...

I'm with Tasha. I want to see the after photos too. :)

tina said...

Fun! Wanna come help me decorate my house? hehe

Chalan said...

Looks like fun shopping- great bargains!