Mar 18, 2010

Gnarly Knees
and such

my father in law had double knee replacement done recently. what a trooper!!!
he had them done by the same dr. that the once beloved tiger woods used, pretty fancy eh?
about a week into recovery he had a small set back with having some infection settle in his ankle. He had to make a trip back up to Park City to have it drained. regan wanted to be there for every step of recovery and show his support
and by the way got to watch the actual surgery.
the park city hospital is a grand place with amazing doctors and nurses. such kind and warm people that love their jobs and it shows.
Clark is up and walking with his "grandpa" walker and doing well now.
thank goodness for that.
check out this HUGE remote control that was in his room.
thought this was pretty amusing.

chicks cafe
in heber
where we ate breakfast.
very good and we highly recommend going if you find yourself up that way.
great service and good food.

1 comment:

Nikki and Ray said...

Those are some pretty wicked knees! Hope he does well and heals fast, poor guy!

We used to go to Chicks all the time when we were young, great memories there! YUM!