Feb 17, 2010

was spent with a few peeps that i am rather fond of.
My hubs, momma, sister, bro. in law, brother and his new girly friend Julie. i really like the new girly friend by the way.
We left the kids at home and just made the day about the big folks.
We went to hardware ranch which is a place up by Logan where you are taken on a hay ride to look at elk. We were in the middle of about 300 head. I found the hay ride to be too short and
it wasn't as neat as i had envisioned it to be.....just sayin.
it was a beautiful day with stunning blue skies overhead.
On the drive home we saw a bald eagle doing some fishing,i never tire of seeing one of Gods most beautiful creatures.

me and my VALENTINE.

Thanks for spending the day with me and making wonderful memories.


The whole gang

Kelly and Julie

hey, bob
nice elk toupee.


wild bri said...

Looks like fun. We used to go up there for class when I was at USU, good place. Tell Regan hello I have'nt heard from him in awhile

Cassie Preston said...

Love the Eagle... I saw one feasting on a fish today right on the side of the river while walking my dogs. Glad you had a great v-day love and miss ya

Nikki and Ray said...

Wow what a cool place, so glad you had fun girl!