Feb 15, 2010


regan and his clone watching the Olympics.
apolo anton ohno is rad....
we love watching the short track speed skating.

gettin some suga from my lil's.
lil suga is the best.
BIG suga from the hubs is really good too.

bridger had his nose in catching fire most of the time.

Mckray and journey made up an Olympic sport called
soda can bowling
not sure that would fit into the winter games but still very entertaining.
what was more entertaining was the whole gang playing our version of short track speed skating. i bifffffffffffed it BIG time going around the island in the kitchen...it wasn't pretty but it was very, very funny. so wished we had a picture of that.
I don' think i have a future in short track.

thrift shopping..didn't find much but had a fab time people watching.

oh what joy i get doing both.

playin' at the

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Emilee said...

It looks like a fun time. We will need to see a replay of the speed skating next time we are up there together.