Jun 30, 2009


Aunt Gena hosted the extended Palfreyman reunion at the Mapleton Park. It was a really good turn out even with it being on Father's Day, Gene and Nola would have been proud to see everyone there. Regan's brother Bentley and his wife Bev came down from Lake Tahoe. It was really good to see them and listen to them play a little bluegrass.

The kids had fun playing with all the cousins on the playground, playing duck duck goose, getting to know you games, volleyball and football.

We ate good food and chatted awhile and had a splendid time.


Gubba said...

Nice job honey!!

Emilee said...

Cute pictures! That was a fun reunion.

Nikki and Ray said...

Looks like a blast! You guys always have great times. I just love your blog!