Jun 15, 2009


We love playing at the thrift store,(well i think i like it way more than reg) browsing through all the used books, laughing and wondering if anyone has ever read some of them and then finding an awesome book and wondering how anyone could ever part with such a classic.
There is such a plethora of items to dig through and we laughed some more at some of the ridiculous stuff. Can I just say, it makes my day that Regan comes with me on these little visits. FUN, FUN, FUN
After the silliness of the thrift store we went to another favorite to get a sweet pork salad. Yummy. After the salad I needed to stop and get a lemon cupcake. I just had to. We shared because I am trying to be a bit more healthy. Thanks for sharing with me sweetness ( i know you don't have the sweet tooth that i do)
All in all it was a simply delightful day!

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