Oct 7, 2011

pure happiness
journey has wanted a horse of her own for basically her entire life
she has prayed for
that she would get one.
  the planets must have been aligned just right
or some divine intervention was going on
or maybe both
cause she FINALLY got one for her birthday.
she cried like a baby and just hugged the horse when she got it.
she was in major shock
she was in HEAVEN!!
he is a paint and journey named him
and they are both in love with each other

wishes do come true!!


Tahsha said...

Oh my gosh. That makes me so excited for Journey!

mena said...

thanks tahsha...she is in horse heaven!!!

Cori said...

so awesome! Pretty horse and pretty girl!

Nikki and Ray said...

How exciting for her, YAY Journey! Horses are amazing!