May 19, 2010


this last month of school has been jammed packed with lots of
concerts, track meets and reports. this is by no means the end
to the end of school activities for the year.
i am being sarcastic but i really do enjoy supporting my kids in all that they are
involved in.
i think i have some of the coolest kids around.
yeah, i'm braggin a lil but hey
that's my job.

aubs choir concert
totally rad bunch of singers

bridger's orchestra concert
1st chair viola
way to go!!!

mckray's hershey track meet
didn't get any pictures of him running
super cool kid

journey's australia report
best report EVA
thanks to grandpa and grandma palfreyman for loaning us
the didgeridoo, it was a major hit with the kids and the teacher.


Chase said...

Ohhh, sounds like fun!

Chase said...
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