Jan 27, 2010

just started
taking guitar lessons and i'm thrilled about it.
wish i could play much more impressive songs than
*blues licks
*boil that cabbage
*lightly row
*twinkle,twinkle little star
*brother john
*row, row, row your boat
*rock-a-my soul
I know,
please hold your applause
you have to start somewhere.
someday i hope to play some rad tunes.
someday maybe someday
someday i'd like to be in a band
someday maybe someday
tee hee
gotta go practice.


craig and jill said...

Yahoo! I bet you rock! Especially when playing Boil the cabbage! I think this is so great you are doing this! Your my hero!

Cori said...

you are so awesome! follow your dreams!