Nov 30, 2009

I love most holidays but
really is about the best one.
It is such a chill and
noncommercial day
spent preparing great food
relaxing with family
reflecting on all that we have to be grateful for
The thing that I am the most thankful for is
good, good people in our life
I feel blessed to call each of you
My kids and hubby
bring such joy to my life
We are very much an imperfect family
I do love you to pieces.
This year we spent the holiday with
Regan's side of the family up to the cabin.
The cabin is such a beautiful place to gather and give thanks.
After dinner the kids made turkey hats and played the wii
The men folk went to shoots guns...TRADITION.
While the men were away the woman folk sat and enjoyed drinking a favorite beverage and eating tons of good chocolate and laughing.....TRADITION
I can hardly believe that another Thanksgiving has come and gone.
we can put up the tree and listen to Christmas tunes.....
NEVER not EVER before Thanksgiving.
that is just how we roll around here.


ilan shamir said...

Hi Thanks for quoting my advice from a Tree and helping share the message and beauty of nature. I enjed seeing the family pictures on your site.

Many blessings,

Ilan Shamir
Fort Collins, Colorado

wild bri said...

Looks liek you all had a good Thanksgiving.

Sweet stache Regan

I agree with the no Christmas before Tahnksgiving. It is all a coorportate conspiracy to make us forget about Tahnksgivng and keep our minds fully engaged in the lie of consumerism.

We are coming back up after Christmas we need to get together again.

Shaun and April said...

THANK YOU!! for believing that Christmas music, trees and decorations come AFTER Thanksgiving, NOT before. I don't know why it bothers me so much when people SKIP over Thanksgiving like it's not a worthy Holiday to REALLY enjoy before moving on to the next! There's my soapbox for the day. :) I love Thanksgiving...and then the Xmas music!