Feb 9, 2008

Skyline Drive 1st annual campout with our new trailer!!

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wild bri said...

No fair that you guys have been spying on our blogs and not telling us that you had one as well! I would have included some political rants if I knew Gubba was reading! Now I know so I can keep track of you. It was great to see all of you guys, even if it is just on the computer screen. Holy Palfreyman, I can't belive how much your oldest boy looks like you when you were younger. How is life and school? I really want a signed copy of one of those hot Regan Palfreyman posters that I have heard about. I felt bad we missed you guys at the hot dog roast last fall, but I did get to talk to Clark and Travis. We really need to get together, you guys should come down this summer and we will put a little family river trip together.

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